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Default phil briscoes south tyne salmon

mid sept in a days fishing phil caught a 32 pound salmon fresh run . the river was dirty so he opted for double lob worms trotted deep then he took 3 salmon of 22 26 and his 32 with 2 returned safley .fishing is all about catching fish in the conditions the river allows re fly water spinning water and worms sunk deep tactics . all fish caught on barbless hooks with only 1 taking the hook deep . fair play to phil .ps tyne having a near record year my fishing is well into 370 so far . you are only allowed 1 fish per day killed and no hen salmon killed in oct also 1 salmon a week killed in some well known pools . all barbless hooks . this is on my beats i canot coment on other beats and other clubs . best months june july august sept so far. great for all anglers wherever you fish on tyne system with lots of beginners catching salmon and summer sea trout [good for the tackle trade as well .]
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