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Default Kharlovka week 28 ending 8th of July 2016

Number of Rods: 14
Nationalities: Russian, British, Irish, Swiss, German
Record high water temp: 24C
Record high air temp: 34C
Number of fish: 93
Personal Bests: 2
Largest fish of the week: 29 pounder

Arriving into camp with bright sunny skies and record high temps of 30+C and 20+C in the water, it seemed pretty obvious from the very beginning that we would be in for an extra challenging week. Unfortunately the heat wave would continue straight through with the water reaching a record 24C by Tuesday afternoon on the Litza before the air started to cool back down into the teens. Nevertheless it was too little too late for even though the breezes finally shifted back to the north, the water temps remained above 20C for the remainder of the week.

With fresh silver memories of the 211 salmon the team had last season on this same week (207 salmon the year before) – the boys did everything possible to keep the numbers up again this time around. Electing to start an hour earlier – then resting in the shade late into the afternoon before hitting it hard again early evening, somehow the team managed to land 93 salmon before we rang the bell for dinner on the Friday night. Thankfully the catch was well dispersed amongst the group with the veterans catching good numbers of fish.

Honourable mention goes out to Ben for jumping off the helicopter on the first evening and running down to the Home pool to land his new P.B. 25 pounder with an additional 10 pounder as cream on his arrival cake. Too bad Ben forgot to unpack his camera before making his first casts.

And then there was our good friends Mikael and Michael who have been back for the last 6 – 8 seasons and have seen it all before. With their guide Volodya leading the way, along with their box full of micro cone heads blue charm variants, this experienced team went on to land some nice salmon everyday totalling 20 on the week. Again if you fish as much as these two you only take a photo when you catch the 30+ pounder. See you again next year and bring the camera!

Special thanks also goes out to Dr. Vyacheslav with the magic healing touch who besides laying his hands on two of the other guests who were healed overnight from nerve and ligament damage and able to return back to action – the good doctor went on to land a half dozen fish including his new P.B. 24 pounder.

Honourable mention also goes out to John who at 74 years of age still casts like a champion. Visiting us on his first trip (but not his last) to Russia, John was delighted with the seven salmon he landed that included the fish of the week at 29 pounds.

And Congrats to our new Swiss friend Alexander who had 7 nice salmon and even though he didn’t land the big one seem to be having the most fun of all.

With the water heating up and dropping fast, that special window opened up and the conditions came just right for the salmon to jump for 6 consecutive days and nights through the Kharlovka Falls.

And while they didn’t manage to take any photos, we would also like to thank Yuri and Gerhard for letting us taste their special wines, Alex and Matthew for returning each year with a small team, and Alexey and Maxim who fished hard and enjoyed every minute!

Despite the harsh conditions, we had another very enjoyable week all in all and are looking forward to seeing the same team back again next season under mostly cloudy skies with temps in the low teens…


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