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Editor 26th September 2011 15:43

Atlantic Salmon Magic - putting the glamour back into salmon fishing
A copy of Atlantic Salmon Magic landed with a crash on my desk this morning. It’s huge! It weighs a very satisfactory 2kg and gives an immediate sense of something very important. And it is.

As soon as I opened this book – I could not stop myself flicking eagerly between pages. So beautiful and abundant were the photographs that I was like a child impatient to see them all. I was so captivated that it was several minutes before I read a single word. The photography is simply astonishing.

Topher Browne’s writing style is refreshingly conversational too and very easy to read. With Bill Bryson like humility and humour he takes us on a journey through the past and into the modern art of salmon fishing—recounting many fine tales from the river bank along the way. There is no dogma here, just an intelligent and thorough exploration of this great sport.

Atlantic Salmon Magic really looks ‘a million dollars’ and is an important modern update on the salmon fishing world as we know it today. This book has re-captured the glamour of salmon fishing and is like the sport at its best; aesthetic, thoughtful and stylish.

Congratulations to Topher and all involved in its production.


The book can be purchased here: Fly Fishing Forums Online Fishing Tackle Shop

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