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anglingtravel 22nd May 2015 12:30

Selį is a river in Vopnafjöršur, Iceland, and one of Iceland's most exclusive rivers for salmon angling.

Selį river is originated from many small rivers coming from the highlands, which run from a mountain area called Dimmufjallgaršur.1

Originally the salmon could go about 20 km up the river. However, two fish ladders have been built in the river adding about 18 more kilometers to the stretch the salmon can run up for spawning. The first ladder was built in 1967 and the second in 2011.

Selį is visited by a number of Icelandic and foreign anglers every summer. In 2004, "The Golden Bear" golf champion Jack Nicklaus fished Selį, and in July 2006 former US president George H. W. Bush spent several days angling.3

Icelandic Entrepreneur Orri Vigfśsson leads conservation efforts at Selį.

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