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FarlowsTravel 10th September 2017 02:14

Kharlovka week 35 ending 1st of september 2017
Number of Rods: 13.
Nationalities: Russian.
Number of salmon: 109.
Best Salmon: 7 over 20 pounds with 1 over 30.
Personal Bests – for Roman with a 19 pounder and Mikhail with a 18 pounder.

Unfortunately the military authorities conducted exercises within the restricted zone of the Northern Kola Peninsula during this week – leaving us with no alternative but to cancel the fishing trips for a number of our foreign guests. Thankfully the vast majority of our friends have agreed to move their bookings to the 2018 season.

As such we were pleased to see our Russian friends who arrived to camp under rainy conditions with rising rivers that are currently up to 37cm on the home pool scale.

Big salmon like stormy weather! Congrats to young Alex – Farlows shop manager in Saint Petersburg – for releasing this solid 20 pounder back into the legendary Flat Stone pool on the upper Litza..

Honourable mention X3 for Big Fish Alex! Last season our good friend Alexander leapt off the heli on the very first Saturday afternoon and ran down to the Flat Stone pool on the upper Litza and proceeded to land 6 salmon in 4 hours. The largest fish was 117cm X 61cm = 36 pounds!

Welcome to the Rynda Big Fish Club! After dreaming about finding another monster this season over on the Rynda – yesterday Alex was honoured with his second Big Fish ring for releasing this impressive 28 pounder back into the Power pool..

Big Fish Alex strikes again! Following a champagne celebration the night before in honour of his 28 pound Rynda salmon – Alex was back on the Litza Flat Stone pool the next morning to land 3 more good fish including this colourful 30 pounder.. HU RA!

Bright silver autumn run salmon = Osenka! Congrats to Mikhail for landing the first fresh 16 pounder on the lower Kharlovka..

Big bright silver and slippery!
Well done Alexey for quick releasing this fat fresh 17 pound Osenka salmon back into the Kharlovka home pool..

And a nice sea trout of 2.8kg

P.B.’s and Congrats to Alexey – Alexey – Roman – Mikhail – and Alex X2 for landing their new personal bests this week ranging from 18-20 pounds..

To good fishing and good friends – Nastarovia!

Team Kharlovka


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