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About salmon fishing on the Lakselv
Lakselv River has been known as a big salmon river for generations and with a total of 35 kilometres double bank fishing, the Lakselv River is probably the closest most of us can get to fishing the famous Alta River; both geographically and in the hope of catching the 40lb+ salmon! Enjoy the flavours of the high Arctic combined with the excitement of testing your fishing skills against one of these elusive and mysterious specimens – the Atlantic salmon.

Located between 70N and 71N, the river valley could easily have been a part of the Arctic tundra, however, thanks to the Gulf Stream it is amazingly fertile and renowned for its diverse vegetation and rich animal and bird life. Scenically, it ranges from the wilderness of the inland mountain plateau (Finnmarksvidda) to the dramatic surroundings of the Porsanger fjord stretching 150 kilometres (80 miles) north towards the Arctic Ocean and the huge cliffs of the North Cape plateau.

Lakselv River is regarded as a late river, as the main runs of salmon start beginning of July and the best fishing is often in August. A special feature of the river is the annual August run of big sea trout, often weighing between 6 - 8kg (13lb -18lbs) up to the heaviest registered weight of 12kg (26lbs). In addition to salmon, the river has stocks of arctic char, brown trout, grayling and sea trout. The largest arctic char caught is recorded at 2.6kg (5.7lbs).

Fishing Opportunities on the Lakselv

Lakselv Fishings
Stuenes Lodge

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