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Old 12th May 2010, 17:24
Fishing Reporter
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lancenich is on a distinguished road
Default Barle Fishing Reports - by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton

06/05/2010 14:09 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Just heard of an angler fishing below Dulverton on the Barle who was unable to catch trout due to the large number of smolts taking his fly. While it was annoying to his fishing its nice to hear of so many going downstream. Keep an eye on them and see if we can follow there progress to the estury.
Good luck

19/04/2010 15:22 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)

Spring is really here now with the rivers VERY clear and getting low. Brown trout are just making a move with a few nice fish from the Dulverton Angling Association waters, mainly taking gold head nymphs but some dark Olives have been seen so keep your eyes open and try different options.
No doubt you will have seen on the exebridge blog that a few Salmon have been taken, this will become more difficult as the water drops.
Some may have also heard and seen work being done on the old salmon trap on the Barle at Beasley Mill. There has been an application for a Hydro-electric scheme which needs to be monitored. RETA has put in a considered objection concerning water flows and fish passes etc and I have every faith in Roger Furniss who is again leading this. The devil is in the detail.

26/02/2010 12:00 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)

Happy New Season to you all.... A thirsty angler suggested there could be a prize for the first spring fish so....
Lance Nicholson are putting up a very special prize indeed....
A BOTTLE OF WHISKY to the angler who catches (with proof) the first River Exe spring salmon either on Dulverton Angling Association or Fish The Exe water above Tiverton.
So check those lines and flies etc, and get your waders wet!
All the best.
James and Pat

07/10/2009 16:14 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Sorry for the lack of postings over the last 2 weeks. James has been on holiday so we have been too busy with the start of the shooting season and processing all the salmon extension applications. Some of the early permissions we issued state that only a single barbless fly can be used. This has since changed to any size single, or doubles size 12 or smaller. All barbless/debarbed of course.
There were 2 salmon hooked at Cove on Monday, the biggest about 36" long, (about 15lbs?) and he saw several fish swim up river past him. Its raining to freshen the river so make the most of it.
Good luck

16/09/2009 16:16 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Several fish seen at Cove yesterday, up to double figures, but they have become potted and wouldn't take anything. I think we need a fresh dollop of rain to get the fishing going again.
Fingers crossed

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14/09/2009 15:07 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Trout fishing good

No more Salmon to report from the Barle I'm afraid - click below if you know different!!
Looks like there's still some fresh grilse in the Exe... Try using very small doubles, Sz 14 silver stoats or Stoats Tails.
OK, We'll see if we can start a bit of a poll:
Question: What is your best, most successful, Salmon Fly?
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15/09/2009 16:01 by Andrew M
I have done very well with a Kylie Conehead as well, defintely an all time great. In peaty water a red flamethrower takes some beating. On the Barle I have done best with my Exe Tube. A silver Stoat is not to be sniffed at. But If I had to choose one fly for the rest of time on all waters I would probably choose the Exe Tube.
15/09/2009 08:28 by Bill Hayes
Absolutely no doubt about this! On the Barle its got to be an Allys shrimp closely followed by a Cascade shrimp. Both around size 8 or 10 depending on the water level.
14/09/2009 19:58 by Nick at The Hart Flyshop
Ok I will get this going Pat. During the last few years it has been without doubt the Kylie Conehead and not just for me. I could tell you many "wiping of eye" stories that have occurred when this fly has been given a swim, following a chuck with more traditional patterns.

09/09/2009 12:20 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Levels dropping...but

Keep it up guys, there are still fish in the Exe so must be some in the Barle somewhere...
No rain forecast for the near future, unfortunately, so make the most of what we've got today.
Also, please do let us know of any good Trout or Grayling caught - The Salmon is not the only fish in the river!

14/09/2009 11:36 by Andrew M
I think historically most fish have run the Barle but I have heard reports of many more fish seen running the little Exe in the last couple of years. By the way does anyone know what the final rod catch figure for 2008 was?
10/09/2009 10:14 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton
Traditionally most salmon turn left and keep swimming up the Barle, because of this the Little Exe really is underfished for salmon - so is a bit of an unknown quantity.I have no idea how the 'small' grilse make it into the Barle without being spotted in the Exe, maybe they're alot cleverer than we thought.
Well done MoD on yet another catch!
09/09/2009 23:06 by Andy Nixon
Do the relatively few big fish all turn right up the Little Exe?
09/09/2009 22:18 by Willie Gunn
interesting that their seems to be a number of very small grilse in the Barle. I have not heard of many that small on the Exe, either from the blog or from Glyn's round robins. On the main river David Rice never seems to catch a fish under 10lb and there have certainly been a few more big fish reported. I wonder if anyone can offer an explanation?
09/09/2009 21:06 by Merchant of Doom
One more for me yesterday (08/09/09). A small but perfectly formed (not skinny) grilse of about 2.5lb, well coloured.
Didn't see a lot else.


05/09/2009 16:39 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
More Salmon
There are lots of fish around, even our regular Barle fisherman, who shall be nameless, has caught 6 this afternoon. Some fresh some coloured. As James said, stop reading this and get fishing

07/09/2009 16:21 by Bill Hayes
Fished the Barle upstream of Marsh Bridge this morning. Got two very small (2-3lbs) fresh grilse to an Allys shrimp. Still a bit high for our beat which makes it hard to keep the fly down.
06/09/2009 19:25 by Merchant of Doom
I can confirm that I did indeed get six fish on Saturday.
Put the spinning rod up in the morning as it was still a touch high for a lot of "my" bit. Got three on the spinner but soon put it away again as the salmon wouldn't leave it alone! Three on the fly in the afternoon.
Fish approx. 9lb (30 inches), 9lb, 8lb and three around 4-5lb.
Two silver and four horrid kippers. I silver bleeder kept.

Fished again today with a friend who rose three and lost one, so it looks like most of them have gone on up...

No rain forecast, doom and gloom!


04/09/2009 16:33 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Fish Caught
Just had an agler in the shop who has just caught 2 salmon above Tarr Steps. Both fresh about 6 & 8 lbs. The river was just fishable and will improve farther down the river as time goes by. The Barle should be perfect by Saturday while the Exe will take a little longer, especilly below the Batherm.
Good luck

04/09/2009 17:48 by Merchant of Doom
Two fresh fish above Tarr Steps!
They are obviously running hard, all gone past me no doubt...
Any chance of getting a boat on Pinkery?


03/09/2009 09:57 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)

There you go chaps... The Barle is up a good couple of feet and a little coloured, looks good though...
Even the Exe appears fishable already.
Your mission for today: Purchase a selection of new flies(!), Stop reading this blog (sorry Glyn!), Go fishing, let us know how many you catch, Simple.

27/08/2009 12:04 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Welcome to all new bloggers!

Many thanks to everyone who visited the new blog, especially to those who have joined up and added comments.
We'll do our best to keep you up to date with all the breaking news from the river - you guys are our reporters on the battlefield, so please do post anything river related on the blog!
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26/08/2009 10:27 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Welcome to the new Barle fishing blog

We're testing this system today, so please feel free to register. We'll be updating river conditions shortly.

Well, the weather 'experts' are threatening that we may get deluged with with tail end of Hurricane Bill!! It was pretty breezy last night but we're yet to see any REAL rain that would make its way into the river.

Not vast numbers of fish about, but if you can get on the bank then I would keep at it - Two fish were caught in this low water down at Chainbridge just in the last couple of days...with another 'good size' fish seen.

Fingers crossed for rain!
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27/08/2009 11:31 by David Rice
Hi Pat and Glyn and everyone, what a great idea this is, congratulations Glyn.
Pat who caught at Chainbridge?

26/08/2009 18:05 by Bill Hayes
A friend fished the Thorverton area last Monday. He caught one stale 10lber and two fresh silver grilse. All we need is water to get them up river.
26/08/2009 12:15 by ian hone

In theory we are now coming into Barle prime time..given good water perhaps some of those bigger spring/summer fish caught and seen on the Exe (David Rice lost a 20plus biggy) will appear along with hopefully a rush of Grilse...only time will tell...dont be put off by low water,if theres fish in the system then they have got to lie up somewhere and stalking with light gear (upstream nymph or No1 Mepps) is great sport..tight lines Stoats Tail
26/08/2009 12:09 by Nick Hart

Great idea this Glyn! I was out on the Mole last night with a client and we bagged a Sea Trout despite a rise in water and the low coming in. 2 other good pulls also and the river looking in good order all round. There was an Otter playing hide and seek with us too although the prize for the biggest adrenalin rush went to a huge fish that was dislodged by the one we hooked, at first I thought my client was hooked up to this ... I wish he had been, it would have been well into double figures!!! Possibly a Salmon of course (although I know there have been some BIG Sea Trout on the Taw) ... it was hard to see in the dark!!! (p.s.) might be worth adding a spell check to the blog, emoticons and text management etc? All adds to the fun.

26/08/2009 09:45 by Patrick at Lance Nicholson - Dulverton (Administrator)
Welcome to the new Barle fishing blog

We're testing this system today, so please feel free to register. We'll be updating river conditions shortly.

01/09/2009 14:37 by Gerry Hewitt
gerryh,Patrick,nice to speak to you.This looks like a good idea,
26/08/2009 11:42 by David Chester
Glyn, as discussed idiots like me don't read every word on www screens, your invite to register needs to be BIG AND BOLD >Registration seems to have worked !".
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Old 22nd March 2011, 09:58
Fishing Reporter
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lancenich is on a distinguished road
Default 2011

Well I wonder what this season will bring. General reports are upbeat about spawning, confirmed by the number of reports we have had in the shop of 'diseased salmon' in the river and leat over the winter.
River conditions are low at present which will favour the trout angler. We have heard of 1 genuine salmon caught in the Exe so far.
The RETA AGM last week saw a very encouraging presentation from South West Water about the work they are doing on Exmoor to block up ditches caused by erosion and drainage, with bales of heather. This recreates the bogs and marshes that were once natural, holding back rainfall to run off slowly. This stops flash floods and maintains river height for longer. Good for the water company and fish. If you want more info log onto Mire project
Good news from Nick May the EA baliff. A prosecution was acheived against a poacher above Bridgetown who was fined £400.00, its not a huge fine but should still send the message out not to poach.
Good luck for the season
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