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Default Tyne Angler Scale Sampling Programme. April 2012

Monthly Fish Update: April 2012

Upstream counts April 2012

The upstream count for April this was 223, bringing the total for the year to 421. April’s count is the fourth highest in our records and was higher than both the five year (192) and the long term (165) average. The total for the year to the end of April is also the fourth highest on record and some way higher than the five year (264) and the long term (233) averages. The highest total for April occurred in 2011, when 409 upstream counts were recorded whilst the highest count for the first four months was 538 and was recorded during 2004. The upstream count for the first day of May was 8.

The highest daily count occurred on the 4th of the month when 52 upstream counts were recorded. This coincided with an increase in river level and a decrease in the temperature. For remainder of the month the majority of the counts were recorded after when river levels dropped back after noticeable rises and rises in river temperature. It is noticeable that no upstream counts were recorded during the three major rises in river level.

Further details of the daily upstream counts for 2012 and historic monthly counts can be found by following the link below:

Environment Agency - River Tyne fish counts

If you are not already aware, we have a system on the internet that will allow you to check river levels before you head out. Please follow the link below:

Environment Agency - River and sea levels

Salmon and sea trout catches 2011

The 2011 season saw the salmon rod catch record being broken for the second year in succession with 5,630 fish declared caught. Of the salmon caught, 3,546 (63%) were returned which is also the highest number of salmon returned but is only the second highest proportion returned, the highest proportion was in 2003 when almost 70% of the catch was returned. From 1999 onwards only on one occasion (2008) was the proportion of returned fish lower than 50%.

The sea trout catch for 2011 was 1,633 of which 980 were returned. Although, it is only the ninth highest sea trout catch declared, the proportion of fish returned to the river is the highest in our records. As in the salmon catch the numbers of fish returned relative to catch has generally risen each year.

Angler Scale Sampling Programme 2012

During April we have received 10 scales sample from salmon and I from a sea trout. Five of the salmon samples came from two sea winter (2SW) spring fish, four others came from three sea winter (3SW) spring fish and remaining salmon sample came from a fish returning to the river in 2011. The mean average weight of the 2SW salmon sampled was 10½lbs and 16¾lbs for the 3SW fish. The solitary sea trout sample received during April came from a fish that had returned to the river in 2011; this was not its first return having already returned in 2010 and successfully escaped a few months or weeks later. Hopefully, this fish will make a third return to the river later in 2012.

So far this year we have received 50 scale samples, 49 of which have come from salmon. Just under 60% of salmon samples have come from spring fish. Unfortunately it has not been possible to determine the age from two of the samples.

Please remember that if you are sending some scales, please place them in a paper envelope. Please remember to send in place and date of capture, if you need some scale packets we can send some out to you. We would also be grateful if you could give an estimate of weight and or length. If you wish to receive details of the scale reading please remember to add your name and address.

If you would like further details of the Angler Scale Sampling Programme or the Tyne Angler Logbook scheme please call the environmental monitoring team on 0191 203 4140 or drop me an email morton.heddell-cowie 'at'

Many thanks


The Angler Scale Sampling Programme is supported by Hardy, Bagnall & Kirkwood and the Tyne Rivers Trust
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