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Default Tyne Angler Scale Programme January 2013

Monthly Fish Update - January 2013

Fish Counts

The upstream count for January was four and was equal ninth in our records. It shares ninth highest spot with upstream counts recorded for January 2000, 2007 and 2009. The upstream count is lower than both the five-year (8) and long-term (28) averages. As of 9am on 5th February, one upstream count has been recorded.

The four upstream counts recorded, all occurred between 8th and 14th January. Although water temperatures were warmer the week before the counts were recorded, river levels were markedly higher. Once levels had dropped sufficiently and water temperatures remained relatively mild for the time of year, it was then that conditions were suitable for fish passage. Shortly after the last count was recorded, temperatures became quite cool and even though levels remained relatively low, there was no apparent fish activity. Salmon and sea trout like all fish are cold blooded so when temperatures are low (i.e. <5⁰C), activity and upstream movement is likely to be limited even if river levels can be considered benign. Even though river temperatures recovered towards the end of the month, the river entered a period of high flows that would inhibit fish movement alone.

As in most winter months, all the upstream counts were recorded during daylight hours, one just after 8am and other three between 11am and 12am. Although slightly earlier than expected, it is worth considering that river temperatures were relatively mild when the counts were recorded. A brief review of the video data for the January upstream counts shows that the upstream count on the 8th January was caused by a salmon (see picture above).

Further details of the daily upstream counts for 2013 and historic monthly counts can be found by following the link below:

Environment Agency - River Tyne fish counts

If you are not already aware, we have a system on the internet that will allow you to check river levels before you head out. Please follow the link below:

Environment Agency - River and sea levels

Angler Scale Sampling Programme 2013

With the 2013 fishing season now upon us we do hope you will remember to send in some scales from the fish you catch. This year, we would like receive approximately 600 salmon and 200 sea trout scale samples and we would like scales from fish of ALL sizes, not just large and small examples. Although not directly part of the Angler Scale Sampling Programme, we would also welcome scale samples from brown trout. Scales from fish caught on other rivers are also welcome.

By contributing to the Angler Scale Sampling Programme, you help improve our understanding of the stocks of salmon and sea trout returning to the River Tyne. If you are sending in some scales, please place them in a paper envelop (please do NOT wrap them in cling film, tin foil or put them in a plastic bag) including the place and date of capture and species. If you need some scale packets, we can send some out to you. We would also be grateful if you could give an estimate of weight and or length. If you wish to receive details of the scale reading, remember to add your name and address.

The annual prize draw for anglers taking part in the 2012 programme was held on the 17th December 2012; Tom Watson won a Hardy Cascapedia reel supplied by Hardy & Greys ltd and Glyn Hall won an Airflo STX reel donated by Bagnall & Kirkwood ltd.

If you would like further details of the Angler Scale Sampling Programme or the Tyne Angler Logbook Scheme or know of someone who would like to join please call the environmental monitoring team on 0191 203 4140

Many thanks for your support

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