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Old 18th January 2011, 09:47
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Default Speyworks SLP Double Handed Fly Rod

Sitting like a row of jurors, our group of fly fishers sat at the breakfast table and passed round a Speyworks SLP double handed fly rod. Of course first impressions count and I was amazed at the various reactions. And what comments they were; “this looks a million dollars”, “a bit fancy for me”, “really classy looks”, “looks expensive” , and more. The group was split on the colour and the matt metallic-red hue brought a reaction from everyone – some loved it, others didn’t - but all were impressed with the good finish and presentation. Speyworks rods are head-turners for sure!

Our day was booked on the lovely Haughton Castle beat of the North Tyne and with 1ft or so on the gauge the prospects were good indeed. We had the full range of Speyworks rods to try which included models; 13ft #8/9, 14 #9/10 and 15ft #10/11. The North Tyne is a very comfortable size, large enough to satisfy with a decent cast yet fishable by most standards, so with a smallish Willie Gunn tube in mind we decided that the 14ft Speyworks rod would be ideal.

Instantly, this rod felt like a finely tuned precision instrument. At only 9.1oz the rod is extremely light and beautifully balanced and casts with an impressive crisp assurance and power. This is a modern rod designed by leading Spey caster Bill Drury to be cast in our modern economical style. The rod is genuinely efficient and immersed us in the simple pleasures of effortless casting. A lively 11lb salmon tested its metal and proved it had feel and inner steel too.

If you are looking for a heavy blunt instrument in which to throw your weight, heart and soul into the cast (and many fishers cast this way) then this rod is not for you. Less is more with the crisp Speyworks SLP double-handed rods and if you can resist the urge to keep your power in check you will reap rich rewards and allow the efficient spring of Speyworks rods to do their work.

Throughout our day on the North Tyne, casting with the 14ft #9/10 was such a delight, and so perfect for the conditions, that we didn’t take the 13ft or 15ft rods out of their bags.

At a nearby Inn, the verdict was unanimous: A really efficient casting tool and a pleasure to use. A rod that rewarded modern Spey casting techniques with effortless power, and at only £389, superb value for money and unmatched in that price range (or many above). Thumbs up all round and we raised to a toast to Bill Drury for job well done.

• Unique anti-flash powder coat finish.
• AAAA grade Portuguese cork handle.
• Four piece.
• Two lined stripping rings.
• Hard wearing snake intermediate and tip rings.
• Triangular section cordura covered rod tube and quality cloth rod bag.
• Carefully tuned action for all speycasting styles.
• Quality reel fitting with twin downlocking nuts and carbon insert.
• 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

13ft | #8/9 | 4pce | 8.4oz | 238.15gm | 4 piece | £375
14ft | #9/10 | 4pce | 9.1oz | 257.98gm | £389
15ft | #10/11 | 4pce | 10.2oz | 289.16gm | £399

Where to buy:
Sportfish Speyworks SLP DH Fly Rods
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