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Default Iceland/midfjardara - a fly fishing paradise in iceland.

Fly fishing in Iceland. Here they understood the meaning of preservation, care taking and respect for mother earth. And the result is an outstanding fly fishing scene.I stayed on a lodge run by Rafn Alfredsson by one of the smaller rivers up there, called Midfjardara, but with one of the best catch statistics on the entire island - a very beautiful river - full of salmons!!. I think we were 10-15 people that ha 120-130 km of river all to our self - pure paradise fishing conditions!!!!It was just such a positive experience, with super nice accommodation and excellent food, and the guides knew what they were doing - but most of all an outstanding fly fishing scene surrounded by Iceland's remote, and rustic beautiful nature.I now know why you have to pay more to fish up there - it is very simple - it's the best fly fishing in the world. Nothing more, nothing less!!.I was fishing with two gent's from Ireland - Liam and Paul - and they were very, very pleasant company all week, always cracking jokes from the backseat - would be a pleasure to meet up with them again one day.I caught heaps of salmons the week I stayed up there - 87 to be precise!!!! - grills on a one handed rod #7 - with shooting head - scandinavian style :O)Sometimes I was so surprised by the number of salmons we saw, but also on the way they took the fly - BANG!!! - raw power every time!!!Biggest one for me were 92 cm. and the average ones were around 3-4 kg's - great fun, fresh fish with sea-lice, and a lot of power!!PS. I was only fishing with a rifling hitch all week - a fantastic way to catch salmons, by the way. Some times I experienced that the salmons jumped out of the water, and then took the fly on their way down!!! - that is what I call "real fly fishing action"!!! :O)And just to describe how sublime the fishing were, I will tell one of many extreme fly fishing experiences I had up there.The Guide and I arrived to a small pool, one of manny beautiful and remote pools (no people anywhere), and within seconds I saw a tiny tip of a tail, close to the other riverbank. I threw my fly carefully close to it, and BANG!!! instant response. In 15 minutes I caught 4 salmons - all of them were about 4 kg. on a #7 rod, with rifling hitch - life doesn't get any better than that!!!I know it is expensive fishing up there, but what a place!! - save up, and give yourself an experience for life, you will never regret it.(PS. one of the above pictures shows, as you can see, Rafn with his 9 years old daughter's first salmon catch on a fly rod - her only comment was - "It was very strong".She was such a nice, easy going and polite little girl!! :O)PS. I have lots of pic's on my blog, if you feel like seeing this fly fishing paradise.Relevant links:1) Rafen's lodge at the Midfjardara river: ( Fishpal Iceland reports : FishPal - Norse - Iceland - Reports ( lines to all of U.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸ )>

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