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Old 19th December 2016, 15:02
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Default Salmon Rods

I have retired to Thailand and a fellow English friend here gave me two rods that he got from his late father. He has been diagnosed with cancer.

1.Hardy. Split cane 12 feet with 2 tips and in a Hardy's bag. It says on the metal butt piece above the cork that it is a Hardy's England " 'The No 3 AHB Wood' Steel Centre.” Palakona Registered Trade Mark. On the metal Butt cap it has "By Appointment" and the crest and HG 409 and on the fixed bottom metal reel holder ' Hardy's Registered Universal Reel Holder". It seems in excellent condition except for minor damage at the top of the cork handle and a slight set in one of the top pieces. It has the original bag and one ferrule stopper, even a Salmon scale on the cork as his late father fished the Spey..

Can anyone tell me the appropriate fly line weight please?

Also is it something that has value to a collector? I have visitors who return to UK and USA.I would give him the money to help with his medical expenses as the NHS does not operate here!

Bruce and Walker

2. Bruce and Walker 12 foot which says # 6-8 Silver Stream.

Does anyone know the correct line weight? Presumably it was sold as a Salmon Rod.

I do some fly fishing in UK in my youth and Sea fly fishing in Australia where I was for 37 years and have lines floating and sinking for 5 to 9 weight but do not understand an apparent range of 6 - 8. I can use it here as we have some big freshwater fish including Arapaima ( The largest air breathing fresh water fish in the world and the Pacu which is similar to a Piranha with teeth like human molars(both native to the Amazon) that fight like crazy. I have hooked them on a pellet fly I made ) Pelitus Vulgaris! but not landed one yet.

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Old 13th January 2017, 11:13
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Default Re: Salmon Rods

1. This is a nice rod and collectable but not very valuable I'm afraid. For some reason cane fly rods just do not sell for much. You might get £150 to £200 for it. This rod range was designed and developed for the father of floating line fly fishing for salmon with small flies: AHE Wood who fished the Dee at Cairnton. So it has history!

Fly line weight? - I suggest #8 or 9 but hard to tell as I have not used. This would have been used with silk lines in its day.

2. Sounds like a nice 70/80s sea trout or light salmon rod which could be used for boat fishing too. Not valuable - £50-75.

That's just my opinion though - best way to value is to find the same on ebay or other auction sites and see how much they went for.

Hope this helps.
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Old 14th January 2017, 14:20
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Default Re: Salmon Rods

Thanks for that CB
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