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Editor 16th March 2010 18:03

Bridges over the river Tay: A salmon fishers view of the river
Here we post Google Street Views from all the road bridges over the River Tay from its Loch Tay beginnings at Kenmore and on downstream. Click on the views to rotate and look downstream.

Editor 16th March 2010 18:04

Bridge at Kenmore over Loch Tay and the river Tay

Editor 16th March 2010 18:06

Bridge at Aberfeldy, upper River Tay

Editor 16th March 2010 18:10

Bridge at Grandtully, Upper Tay

Editor 16th March 2010 18:13

Bridge over upper Tay near Ballechin

Editor 16th March 2010 18:18

Bridge over middle Tay

Editor 16th March 2010 18:20

Bridge over the middle Tay at Dunkeld

Editor 16th March 2010 18:27

Bridge over the middle tay at Caputh
This famous pool upstream of Caputh bridge is unfortunately not covered by Google Street View, however, here are photographs which show the Boat Pool, Glendelvine beat, where Miss Georgina Ballantine in 1922 caught her 64lb UK record salmon!
Victoria Cottage on the Boat Pool where Miss Ballantine lived with her father.

Editor 16th March 2010 18:44

Bridge at Islamouth on the Tay

Rotate the image 180 degrees to see the Tay/Isla junction in the distance

Editor 16th March 2010 18:50

View from the bridge over the Tay at Perth

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