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Default Tweed 2012 salmon season opens! New Angling Guidelines for Spring 2012

Feb 1st - the opening of Tweed!

Here are the latest guidelines from Tweed Commissioners:


The Spring Salmon Conservation Measures on Tweed and its tributaries

[Valid from 2012]


Spring Salmon form separate and distinct stocks on Tweed. It is imperative to ensure adequate reproduction so that the stocks can sustain themselves. The recent evidence is that, even with the River’s previous Spring Conservation Measures, barely enough Spring Salmon get through to fully stock their spawning grounds; in some years there may have been insufficient numbers. To allow the Spring fish to achieve their best spawning potential it is necessary that all caught fish be returned, unharmed, to the water. Evidence from previous tagging showed that only a very small proportion of released fish are caught a second time.

Total Catch-and-Release in the Spring applies to the whole of the Tweed River system for the 2011 to 2015 seasons inclusively.

The Spring season is defined as 1st February to 30th June inclusive.

Every effort is being made by the RTC to include all Tweed netsmen, both coastal and in-river, in the Conservation Measures, with fair compensation.


These Measures apply from 2011 for the period 1st February to 30th June each year on the whole of the Tweed catchment.

* Anglers must return ALL Salmon caught up to the end of June, unharmed, to the water.

* Fish caught after 30th June should be returned if they are not fresh and therefore likely to be Spring stock.

* Anglers returning Salmon before 30th June may order a ‘Spring Salmon’ shirt from The Tweed Foundation by making a donation – see details under ‘Claims’ section.

In addition:

1. Every effort must be taken by the angler and boatman to allow fish to recover after being caught; only those fish that have actually died in the course of resuscitation may be removed from the water. No one is allowed to dispatch a fish, e.g. by use of a priest. On no account may any fish be killed.

2. Fish that have died will be the property of the Fishery Proprietors to dispose of as is seen appropriate.

Fish that have died should be used to further the scientific knowledge of our Spring stock. The beat MUST therefore:

* Keep a record that a fish has not been able to be revived, and

* Provide The Tweed Foundation with the length, weight, scales, and any tissue samples they require from the dead fish.

3. Hook Type The use of barbless hooks is strongly encouraged, especially for Spring fishing. Flatten or remove barbs to make hook removal easier and to cause less damage and stress to the fish.

4. FISH HANDLING Fish should be handled with extreme care, especially those that have been injured or become exhausted whilst being played.

* Use a knotless net to bring the fish into the side of the River, if necessary

* Do not take the fish out of the water

* Do not hold a fish up by its tail or close to your body under any circumstances

* Handle the fish as little as possible and as gently as possible: fresh scales come away from the skin very easily and allow infection and disease into the fish

* Fish should be supported gently and upright in the water until such time as they swim away on their own

* Anglers must allow the fish time to recover before letting it loose in the River; this may take a long time, and up to 30 minutes

5. Guidance on Spinning There is a view that old Springers are more likely to be caught in low water after 1st July (when the Spring Conservation Measures end) by spinning. Rules for spinning are determined by individual beats. However particular care should be taken where a beat has different owners on opposite banks. In such cases, good etiquette is that fly fishers should have the opportunity to fish the water first and only when this opportunity has passed should spinning be used. Spinning should not be the method of first choice in low and clear water conditions. Where proprietors wish to do so, they can restrict spinning on their beats to comparatively high and coloured water conditions, and perhaps especially in the period 1st July to 14th September (after which spinning is illegal) and when the Spring Conservation Measures are not applicable. Old spring fish, caught by any fishing method after 30th June, should be returned as they will have become coloured and increasingly mature.


The shirts are available to rods that have successfully returned fish to the water. They are supplied in recognition of a rod’s support for the Spring Salmon Conservation Measures. The Tweed Foundation is administering this part of the scheme and will receive a donation from every shirt ordered.

The shirt scheme will operate as follows:

1. Rods may continue to request a sweatshirt or poloshirt up to twice a season provided that they have successfully returned a Springer to the water on each occasion and it has survived.

2. The shirts will continue to be emblazoned with the logo and the scheme year and there will be no colour option. However, they are no longer free: a charge is made for the shirt, post & packing, and a donation to The Tweed Foundation. As the cost may vary from time to time, the price is clearly advertised on this order form.

3. All orders must be made on this Order Form and the ROD must submit the form to The Tweed Foundation (countersigned by the beat).

4. The Tweed Foundation will process orders once a fortnight. So, for example, a rod ordering a shirt in mid March can expect to receive it by mid April.

5. Any forms that are illegible or incomplete cannot be processed.

6. The closing date for receipt of order forms is two weeks after the end of the scheme (which closes on 30th June). No claim forms will be accepted or processed after that time.
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