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Default Umba back on track

Dear Salmon Anglers,

The legendary Umba River is back on track – a magical salmon river that will enchant your soul and forever remain in your heart. Please check out the new Salmon Junkies Video on

But before you get entirely hooked, please read these promising news on Umba.

 We are very pleased to announce that the Umba River on the south side of the Kola Peninsula is showing clear signs of a very strong comeback. The last 2 years I have been test fishing Umba with various groups and the result was rewarding and perhaps a bit surprising giving all the negative talks there has been on Umba the last 5 years or so.

Just to show how our two weeks in Umba turned out in the season of 2009: 110 salmon between 10 rods = 33 Salmon between 10 lbs – 14 lbs – 12 Salmon between 16 lbs – 19 lbs – 3 Salmon Between 20 lbs – 24 lbs – as usual we also lost some real Umba whoppers; some of them bigger and stronger than I have ever seen. There is no place on Kola Peninsula, where you have a better chance to hook huge fresh autumn salmon.

So what has happened? The last 2 years the Russians have really been tough on poachers allowing them almost no room to manoeuvre. Private protection groups have monitored the river very serious during the season and off-season.

It gets even better. Our Russian partner in Umba has signed a very comprehensive conservation plan with Salmon junkies, The Department of Fishing Protection in Murmansk and with the police department in Murmansk, which includes specific initiatives with a strong and multi-facetted management of this magnificent river.

All of this clearly pulls in the right CONSERVATION AND FLY-FISHING DIRECTION. Below you will find the action plan of this agreement. The following steps will be implemented in 2010:

• 3 protection groups, 2 persons in each (1 fish inspector and 1 guard ), 24/7 duty on the river from May until October each year.

• 1st group will be guarding the mouth of the Umba river(downstream region from the White sea up to the Umba village).

• 2nd group will be guard the upper part of Umba river up to lake Poncho (Krivetz region)

• 3rd group will be located in POGOST lodge and will guard Middle Umba, if needed this group will assist 1st or 2nd groups. These groups will have boats with strong engines and UAZ patrol cars and other equipment for their protection work on the UMBA river. 2 wood houses will be erected as ‘guard houses’ – one at the mouth of the Umba river and one in Krivetz.

• A new Fishing Lodge at the mouth of the Umba river will be in operation from spring 2010 – this Lodge will have a big stress effect in this area.

• Agreement with the department of Fishing Protection in Murmansk Region. A patrol vessel from Murmansk with fishing inspectors will be on duty from May-June and September-October in the White Sea by the UMBA river estuary.

• Agreement with the Police Department in Murmansk Region, policemen from a special detachment will help us in the protection of UMBA river during the fishing season.

• By the road entering UMBA village there will be a fishing shop called “UMBA Smoking House” with two sales outlets.

• 1st will be selling different kind of fish and especially salmon, frozen, hot and cold smoked.

• 2nd department will be selling fly fishing-tackle, clothing and other fishing accessories and equipment. All goods in that shop will have labels with slogan about the conservation and protection of Atlantic Salmon in the UMBA river. One aim of this action is to reduce sales of illegal caught salmon in the Umba village region, another aim is to channel part of the profit to protection measures on the UMBA river.

We feel confident that this action plan will improve the valuable Umba resource and especially our opportunity to offer one of the most interesting, challenging and maybe the cheapest salmon programs on the Kola Peninsula.

Please check out the brand new Salmon Junkies video on

The Umba River is one of those places, where you may lose your soul forever, but you may very well also discover it there.

Prices Umba 2010 – From Euro 2600 – Euro 3200

I Hope to meet you out there

Steffen Juhl

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