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The Pacific salmon & steelhead rivers of California, USA

California, USA

Smith North Fork Smith River Middle Fork Smith River South Fork Smith River Klamath Klamath Klamath San Francisco Redding Los Angeles Napa Russian Noyo Mad Trinity (Klamath) Trinty (Klamath) South Fork Trinity (Trinity) Salmon (Klamath) North Fork Salmon (Salmon) South Fork Salmon (Salmon) Trinity Lake (Trinity) Lewiston Lake (Trinity) Mattole Eel Eel South Fork Van Duzen Shasta Lake (Sacramento) Sacramento Feather (Sacramento) Yuba (Feather) Sacramento Colorado Sacramento Scott River (Klamath) Iron Gate Reservoir (Klamath) Copco Lake (Klamath) American (Sacramento) Folsom Lake (American) San Joaquin

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Salmon & Steelhead Rivers
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  • American River
  • Colorado River
  • Eel River
  • Eel South Fork
  • Feather River
  • Klamath River
  • Mad River
  • Mattole River
  • Napa River
  • Noyo River
  • Russian River
  • Sacramento River
  • Salmon River
  • San Joaquin River
  • Scott River
  • Shasta Lake
  • Smith River
  • Trinity Lake
  • Trinity River
  • Van Duzen River
  • Yuba River