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The Atlantic salmon rivers of Newfoundland, Canada


Salmon Beaver Brook Castor East River Cloud Soufflets Little Harbour Cat Arm Brook Main Middle Cove Brook Deer Arm Trout Lomond Upper Humber Humber Serpentine Fox Island River Harry's River South West Brook Little Barachois Brook Flat Bay Brook Fischell's Brook Robinson's River Barachois Crabbe's River Highlands Great Codroy Little Codroy Isle aux Morts Burn Island River North West Brook Garia Brook La Poile Cinq Cerf Grandy Brook White Bear Grey Dolland Brook Morgan Bottom Brook Conne Biscay Bay River Salmonier Colinet St. John South West Brook Terra Nova Gambo North West Gander Gander Indian Bay Brook Great Rattling Brook (Exploits River) Exploits River Peters North Arm Brook New Bay River South Brook Barney's Brook Riverhead Brook Indian River South West Gander

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Salmon Rivers of Newfoundland
    River    Show on Map
  • Barachois
  • Barney's Brook
  • Beaver Brook
  • Biscay Bay
  • Bottom Brook
  • Burnt Island
  • Castor
  • Cat Arm Brook
  • Cinq Cerf
  • Cloud
  • Colinet
  • Conne
  • Crabbe's
  • Deer Arm
  • Dolland Brook
  • East
  • Exploits
  • Fischell's Brook
  • Flat Bay Brook
  • Fox Island
  • Gambo
  • Gander
  • Garia Brook
  • Grandy Brook
  • Great Codroy
  • Great Rattling Brook
  • Grey
  • Harry's
  • Highlands
  • Humber
  • Indian Bay Brook
  • Indian
  • Isle aux Morts
  • La Poile
  • Little Barachois Brook
  • Little Codroy
  • Little Harbour
  • Lomond
  • Main
  • Middle Cove Brook
  • Morgan
  • New Bay
  • North Arm Brook
  • North West Brook
  • North West Gander
  • Peters
  • Riverhead Brook
  • Robinson's
  • Salmon
  • Salmonier
  • Serpentine
  • Soufflets
  • South Brook
  • South West Brook
  • South West Gander
  • Terra Nova
  • Trout
  • Upper Humber
  • White Bear