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Editor 17th August 2010 12:10

Days and Nights of Gamefishing
A modern masterpiece by a true gentleman of the sport. Enjoy the journey if you can get hold of a copy! Now out of print.

henry_giles 25th June 2012 08:48

Re: Days and Nights of Gamefishing
Yes it's one of my earlier fishing library acquisitions, in hardback with superb woodcuts by Charles Jardine.. Published by George Allen and Unwin in 1984, the book has a picture of Bill Currie fishing the Tay at Murthly and it makes me smile to read again on the dustjacket this: 'Bill Currie is a fly-fisherman of outstanding skill and often astonishing luck ...' How I used to wish, as a 17-year-old aspiring fly-fisher, I could have something of Bill's luck and end up with a couple of fresh grilse on a fly-rod as pictured on the back cover of this book!
I wonder what I would have thought as my teenage self had I known that within 12 years I would be fishing with Bill, as I did for 2 days on the Tweed in 1998 - with a third day fishing his own upper river beat.. or indeed working as a 'fishing journalist'.
It was on that visit - when I managed one rather coloured grilse at Boleside to Bill's 5 salmon in one morning's fishing! - that he gave me a signed copy of his next book The River Within: A Life of Fly-fishing (Merlin Unwin, 1993) with the following message and signed:
'To Henry, with my compliments and with warmest wishes for all your fishing - Bill, Raperlaw Aug 22/98'
Naturally this is one of my most precious fishing treasures!

Editor 27th June 2012 20:54

Re: Days and Nights of Gamefishing
I fish with Bill every year and he hasn't lost it depsite two severe strokes! Here he is on his beloved Dee.


3lbgrayling 30th June 2012 23:47

Re: Days and Nights of Gamefishing
I have been a fan of Bills writing for 50 years.Days and Nights is a classic.


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