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Editor 23rd March 2010 12:17

River Laxford

View from Laxford Bridge.

Full Satellite Image and Map (Google)

Editor 23rd March 2010 20:02

Loch Stack

jonc 23rd March 2010 21:38

That looks like heaven, so peaceful, think I will buy that little cottage.

francois 15th May 2010 21:22

Has anybody fished the Laxford? I have 5 days there at the end of May

Editor 16th May 2010 07:16

Really! - Lucky you. I have hung over the bridge and admired the view and the fish running - but that was many years ago. I would certainly take Silver Stoat Tail doubles and some Cascades of various sizes. There may also be a local favourite fly.

Pray for rain!

Do let us know how you get on.


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