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Old 12th May 2010, 14:17
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Default River Teign Fishing Reports 2010

Welcome to the Upper Teign webcam blog

First many congratulations to Glyn Howells of Farson Digital for setting up this great facility for those of us who are fascinated with the upper Teign, be it for angling, walking or enjoying its beautiful surroundings. But thanks are also due to Barry for permitting us to use Fingle Bridge Inn for the webcam without whose help and agreement the project would not have happened.

Glyn asked me if I would be prepared to act as the webcam administrator. Initially I viewed this with some trepidation as I wasn't really sure what 'blogging' was all about. The whole thing sounded like a lot of extra work for a lot of chat, but after giving it much thought I came to the conclusion that the webcam and the comments people write on the blog could be of great value to many people.

So, here we go!

08/05/2010 10:36 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)

Early May report

We are still waiting for rain and for the day and night temperatures to warm up. Fishing the river in NE winds following bitterly cold nights is challenging. I managed just 2 brownies and 2 hours of fishing on 4th May and one of our members managed a small sea trout of 1lb 10oz on 1st May. There is little sign of a major change in weather patterns at the moment but this won't put off the hardy fishermen amongst you I know!
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30/04/2010 08:45 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)

Rain at last!

Rain at last - but not much! Although it rained on 29 April during which the river rose a few inches it made very little difference to the water table which has become very low and dry following almost a month of no rain. Both day and night temperatures have remained cold, however with warmer temperatures and more rain forecast over the Bank Holiday weekend fishing should improve. Matt Cooper had a sea trout of 18 inches (2lb 12 oz) from Upperton on 26 April and returned the following evening and had two more sea trout of 3 lb and 18 inches. Trout fishing has been difficult but those of us who have made the effort have been rewarded with some good fish including one of 14" recorded.

21/04/2010 19:19 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)

When will it rain again!

Wednesday 21st April, a cold easterly wind drifts upstream on the upper Teign. It's 10.30 am and the sun's rays are struggling to warm the air in the gorge. By 11 am I have brought several small brownies to the net and quickly released using a size 16 Klinkhammer. The larger fish don't want to know. I try a Hares Ear nymph upstream, three more small brownies oblige - still no 'takeable' sized fish. I see two other anglers walking passed, both have caught some small brownies. The water is low for the time of the year and we need rain and some warmer weather, but I had a very pleasant couple of hours on the river!

13/04/2010 09:22 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)

Is anyone out there fishing?

Still no reports from anglers on the upper Teign! Is anyone out there fishing the river? I have been on the river on 3 occasions so far and haven't seen another angler. I tried for salmon on the fly in the period immediately following the heavy rise in water some 11 days ago - no success, but as the water has dropped and cleared I have caught some healthy brownies on a point Hares Ear nymph, on a middle dropper March Brown wet hackled and on a top dropper spider pattern when downstream fishing. The river is now in good condition for trout fishing. Go to it!

02/04/2010 10:41 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)

Easter weekend

Conditions since the beginning of the season have been challenging! As the Easter weekend arrives the river is running high and the water cold. Further rain is forecast on Good Friday and Easter Saturday. Easter Sunday and Monday may be better options but trout fishing will remain challenging throughout. For salmon fishermen there is always a chance of an early season spring salmon entering the system in these conditions. Sea trout rarely arrive this early in the season however. If you are trying for trout fish your nymphs either up stream or slow and deep downstream. Good luck!

Start of new season update

The UTFA held its AGM at the Fingle Bridge Inn on Saturday 16th January. Permits and accompanying information leaflets are now in the process of being printed and distributed to the various agents - see UTFA website for details of where to purchase permits.

The river has been high all winter due to heavy and prolonged rain in the autumn and the after effects of the winter snow. It is just beginning to settle down again now as I write this update. Bank clearing parties begin work on 4 Saturday mornings beginning Saturday 6th February. See the UTFA website for further details. Members are welcome to come and help with the work.

The salmon fishing season opened on 1st February and the sea trout and brown trout seasons open on 15th March.

Tight lines!

19/12/2009 16:30 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)

End of season 2009 report

The total brown trout catch return for last season was 1,079 fish over 7 inches, the largest of which at 18 inches was landed by Darren Everitt, all 'catch & release' of course. The sea trout total was 178, of which Andy Weymouth accounted for 43, as well as the biggest sea trout of 5lb 10oz. Only 15 salmon were caught last season compared with 92 in 2008. The biggest salmon taken was a fish of 33.5 inches by Ted Crumby (spinner), whilst Tom Hill had the best salmon on a fly at 32 inches.

UTFA members are reminded that 2010 subscriptions are due in by 1 February 2010.

The UTFA AGM will be held at Fingle Bridge Inn, Drewsteignton, on Saturday 16 January at 7 pm. There is a Grand Draw followed by a buffet supper. Draw tickets at £1 from Lesley Bryant or at the AGM.

11/11/2009 18:04 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)
Salmon Extension on the Teign
The two-week experimental extension to the salmon season ended on 14 October and it would appear that no salmon were caught on the Upper Teign Fishing Association waters, which remained low throughout the fortnight. All members who participated in the extension were required to submit catch returns to the Teign Fisheries Association secretary by 31 October. Some were still outstanding on the 31st.

If anyone has not submitted their return for the extension, please send them to Pat Howgill, Sunbeam, Hind Street, Bovey Tracey, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ13 9HT as soon as possible.

Two small peel, each about one and a half pounds, where recently spotted running one of the small feeder streams, the first actually spotted for several years in the feeder stream.

19/10/2009 13:47 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)

Upper Teign Fishing Association

For those who are unaware of the Upper Teign Fishing Association I strongly recommend you click on their advert on the webcam page. This will take you into the excellent UTFA website. The Association runs the fishing on the upper Teign from Steps Bridge, near Dunsford, to Chagford. Go to the website for details of fishing permits, descriptions of the fishing available for salmon, sea trout and brown trout, guides, pool map, General and Fishing Rules, membership, useful links etc, but most of all for the excellent and informative regular reports, tips and updates on the river and the fishing. I recommend you use their website regularly in conjunction with the webcam and the blog. The two are complementary and will feed off each other.

For full details go to the UTFA website.
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11/11/2009 12:29 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon
Hi Brian, so pleased you have discovered the webcam, I have been intending to alert you to it but you beat me to it! As you say it will be invaluable for those who live at some distance from the river and for those who live much closer too, those on the Exe are in constant use during the salmon fishing season. Regards, Colin.

09/11/2009 21:31 by Brian Parry
Just discovered this fantastic new facility. Viewing the webcam especially next season will be brilliant. As a visiting angler ( i live 135 miles away), i usually stay for 2-3 days, so it will be great to see the river condition before i travel.

26/10/2009 11:44 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon

Hi Richard, good to hear from you, many thanks for your comments and so pleased you think the webcam is a good move. You will be able to keep an eye on the conditions from Dorset. Hope to see you during bank maintenance next February perhaps. Colin.

22/10/2009 13:52 by Richard Verge
Congratulations Colin to you and everyone else involved in establishing this new facility which is not only of interest to me as a visiting angler but also will enable me to be pepared for the prevailing conditions , I hope !

19/10/2009 11:01 by Colin Pape, Instruction and Guiding in Devon (Administrator)
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Old 19th May 2010, 21:10
Fishing Reporter
Join Date: May 2010
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colinpape is on a distinguished road
Default River Teign Fishing Report May 2010


May started with chilly nights still making it hard going for sea trout fishing but one of our members went out on the evening of 1 May and had a fish on 1 lb 10 oz.

Our Chairman fished above Fingle on 10 May and below Fingle on 12 May, finding rising trout on both visits and the fish willing to take dry flies. In the early afternoon on his second visit black gnats were beginning to swarm over the faster water and there was a fair hatch of olive uprights. His best two fish were both 11 inches.

Slightly higher temperatures are at last bringing some trout to the surface. On the evening on 10 May, two anglers fished below Fingle Bridge and found a few trout rising, even though it was still rather chilly. Their best fish was a brown of 15 inches on a Klinkhamer and one of 10 inches.

15 May. An excellent four-hour session in the late morning for an angler fishing downstream from Fingle Bridge who caught 16 browns, with many between 8 and 10 inches, and two at 12 inches - on small dry olives.

One of our regular members has started off his sea trout fishing well with four visits in May producing four fish, including the two biggest sea trout reported so far. On 5 May he started with a sea trout of 6 lb 1 oz, followed by fish of 3 lb on 6 May, 2 lb 9 oz on 10 May, and 5 lb 14 oz on 15 May.
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