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The Pacific salmon & steelhead rivers of Oregon, USA


Snake River (Columbia) Columbia Willamette (Columbia) Willamette Willamette Coast Fork (Columbia) Willamette Middle Fork (Columbia) Willamette Middle Fork (Columbia) Willamette Middle Fork (Columbia) Cottage Grove Lake (Willamette) Lookout Point Lake (Willamette Middle Fork) Hills Creek Lake (Willamette Middle Fork) McKenzie (Willamette) Eugene Portland Columbia Columbia Snake River (Columbia) Clackamas (Willamette) Salmon (Sandy) Zigzag (Sandy) Sandy (Columbia) Bull Run (Sandy) Deschutes (Columbia) Lake Billy Chinook (Deschutes) Metolius (Lake Billy Chinook) Rock Creek (John Day) John Day (Columbia) South Fork John Day (John Day) Umatilla (Columbia) Columbia Grande Ronde (Snake) Umatilla South Fork (Umatilla) North Fork John Day  (John Day) Minam (Wallowa) Middle Fork John Day (North Fork John Day) Wallowa (Grande Ronde) Umatilla North Fork (Umatilla) Youngs Klaskanine (Youngs) Nehalem Kilchis Wilson Trask Tillamook Nestucca Little Nestucca Siletz Alsea Alsea North Fork (Alsea) Alsea South Fork (Alsea) Yachats Siuslaw Smith (Umpqua) Umpqua North Umpqua (Umpqua) South Umpqua (Umpqua) Coos Millicoma (Coos) Coquille Upper Klamath Lake (Klamath) Rogue Klamath Lost Creek Lake (Rogue) Applegate (Rogue) Chetco Illinois (Rogue) Elk Rogue John Day North Fork

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Salmon & Steelhead Rivers of Oregon
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  • Alsea River
  • Applegate River
  • Bull Run River
  • Chetco River
  • Clackamas River
  • Columbia River
  • Coos River
  • Coquille River
  • Cottage Grove Lake
  • Deschutes River
  • Elk River
  • Grande Ronde River
  • Hills Creek Lake
  • IIlinois River
  • John Day River
  • John Day River Middle Fork
  • John Day River North Fork
  • John Day River South Fork
  • Kilchis River
  • Klamath River
  • Klaskanine River
  • Lake Billy Chinook
  • Little Nestucca River
  • Lookout Point Lake
  • Lost Creek Lake
  • McKenzie River
  • Metolius River
  • Millicoma River
  • Minam River
  • Nehalem River
  • Nestucca River
  • North Umpqua River
  • Rock Creek River
  • Rogue River
  • Salmon River
  • Sandy River
  • Siletz River
  • Siuslaw River
  • Smith River
  • South Umpqua River
  • Tillamook River
  • Trask River
  • Umatilla River
  • Umpqua River
  • Upper Klamath Lake
  • Wallowa River
  • Willamette River
  • Willamette Coast Fork
  • Willamette Midle Fork
  • Wilson River
  • Yachats River
  • Youngs River
  • Zigzag River