Adlatok River Michael's River Hawke River North River Paradise River Gilbert River Black Bear River Sand Hill River Saint Lewis River White Bear River Eagle River Saint Charles River Alexis River Mary's Harbour River L'Anse-au-Loup Brook Shinney's River (Alexis River) Forteau River Pinware River Happy Valley - Goose Bay Big River Tom Luscombe River Double Mer River Flowers River Hunt River

The Atlantic Salmon Rivers of Labrador, Canada

  1. Adlatok River
  2. Alexis River
  3. Big River
  4. Black Bear River
  5. Double Mer River
  6. Eagle River
  7. Flowers River
  8. Forteau River
  9. Gilbert River
  10. Hawke River
  11. Hunt River
  12. L’ Anse-au-Loup Brook
  13. Michaels River
  14. North River
  15. Paradise River
  16. Pinware River
  17. Sand Hill River
  18. St. Charles River
  19. St. Lewis River
  20. St. Marys River
  21. Tom Luscombe River
  22. White Bear River